Apple Watch Introduce monitor blood sugar, track blood pressure, and more features in future:- report

Apple Watch Could Introduce monitor blood sugar levels, track blood pressure trends, and many more features:- According to a report

According to a report, it is possible that in the future, the Apple Watch may have the capability to monitor blood sugar levels, track blood pressure trends, and offer additional features.

Apple also explored the possibility of introducing health-related accessories, including a smart weighing scale and additional sensors integrated into the Apple Watch bands. However, these potential products were ultimately not released to the market.

Apple is currently developing various features for its Apple Watch models, as per reports. The company’s employees have stated that Apple is focusing on incorporating new health-related features into its smartwatches, along with planning fitness and health services. However, the company’s top executives are cautious about potential damage to Apple’s reputation due to errors in the health sector, resulting in delays in introducing certain health-related features on its devices.

According to Bloomberg, Apple continues to invest a significant amount, estimated to be in the high tens of millions of dollars annually, in its efforts to enable blood glucose monitoring on a future Apple Watch model. Despite challenges related to the accuracy of the sensor caused by variations in blood and skin types, the company has utilized resources from its chip development team, responsible for creating chips for Apple’s phones and computers, to develop the necessary technology for non-invasive blood sugar monitoring.

Reports have indicated that the company has made attempts to incorporate blood glucose monitoring into its products over time. However, Bloomberg recently disclosed that Apple established a discreet entity named Avolonte Health in 2011, which was known only to high-ranking executives. It was anticipated that the initial Apple Watch would include features for monitoring blood sugar levels, as well as blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) and EKG levels. Eventually, Apple’s smartwatches did incorporate support for the latter two health parameters.

Apple is currently exploring the addition of blood pressure monitoring to its blood sugar monitoring feature, although this functionality would be more limited and would only show trends rather than specific figures. It is unclear whether Apple will utilize existing hardware or develop more advanced sensors for future models to achieve this.

The report also suggests that Apple is considering the development of other accessories that could work in conjunction with the Apple Watch. These include an advanced watch strap that could gather additional information from the opposite side of the wearer’s wrist, a smart weighing scale, and wearable accessories that could enhance sleep tracking. However, Apple has not provided any official information regarding the active development or potential release of these products.

In addition, Apple’s first spatial computer, the Vision Pro, is expected to incorporate fitness and health-related features in the near future. The report indicates that the premium Fitness Plus service will be available on this headset. While Apple has considered the idea of health clinics, similar to Amazon’s acquisition of One Medical, there has been no official announcement regarding Apple’s plans to compete with Amazon in offering healthcare services.

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